Cernos gel- Don’t let your puberty go away


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Cernos gel is used to treat the Hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is a condition when our body stops to produce enough testosterone. Testosterone is beneficial for our body; testosterone is the reason for the growth of hormones. When the level of testosterone starts decreasing, we can face the problem of hormone deficiency. The right use of the cernos gel is essential for the effective result. You should apply the gel on shoulders, stomach, and leave it for 4-5 hours. If you have a skin problem, then avoid using the cernos gel.


When not to use the gel:


  1. Breastfeeding 

If you are a woman and nursing your newborn baby, then avoid using the cernos gel. When your child is drinking the milk with your breast, if you apply the gel in such a condition, it would not be suitable for the health of your child.


  1. Hypersensitivity 

Hypersensitivity is a condition when your protective immune system doesn’t work in the proper way; in this condition, our immune system doesn’t respond usually. If the immune system is not working correctly, we will face many problems like allergy as well as improper digestion. If you use the cernos gel when you have the hypersensitivity problem, it will not work correctly, so avoid using the gel.


  1. Breast cancer

The man who has the best cancer should not use the cernos gel. It increases testosterone, which is not right in the condition of breast cancer. For any additional knowledge to use the gel in the situation of breast cancer, you should contact the doctor.


  1. Prostate Cancer

A man who is suffering from prostate cancer should not use the cernos gel. Prostate cancer spreads in the prostate. The prostate is located between the bladder and the penis. This gel increases the level of the hormone in the body. When the body feels the hormonal changes, many changes occur in the body. These changes will not be right in the condition of prostate cancer.


  1. Pregnant 

In the situation of the pregnancy, don’t use the cernos gel. It may affect the fetus in the womb. Pregnancy is a critical condition for every mother; if you use the gel, there will be many hormonal changes occur in the body. Suddenly changes in the hormones will affect the fetus in a certain way. Try that in such a condition you don’t use this medication.